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Month: January, 2019

Stroking at the Stroke of Midnight

Priorities definitely change as you get older. It’s New Year’s Eve and that would usually mean that I’d be out getting drunk and partying. I have had some really wild times in years past, but tonight I am staying in. My ex wife is off on a cruise with her boyfriend and the kids are staying with me. It’s going to be a night of pizza, popcorn, and watching one of those early countdowns for kids on Netflix.

After the kids are asleep, I will retire to my room and watch videos of girls way hotter than my ex. In fact, they will be Asian girls because she always hated how they’d turn my head while we were out together. Yeah, I’m bitter that she has moved on so easily and that the new guy is taking her on the cruise that she always wanted us to go on. But I’m going to make the best of it. I love having my kids with me and I like not listening to her annoying voice nagging me, so whatever.

I found this 47% off Asian GF videos discount and I’m pretty sure I’ll be ringing in the new year while watching a nice set of Asian tits in a XXX amateur porn video. It will be a literal blast.