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Sex dolls personalized dress up guide

For most doll lovers, life size realistic TPE sex dolls are not just toys, but real companions that bring them love and companionship. Therefore, they treat these tan skin sex dolls like a real companion, talking to them, playing with them, and dressing them up in new clothes.

If you recently bought a lovely TPE sex doll and cherish it, you may also enjoy doing some dressing up for your D cup TPE sex doll. But, do you understand? You can put makeup on it, give it washed out tattoos, and put jewelry on it, all of which give the doll a beautiful personality and make it unique.

Besides face makeup, decorations and tattoos are another way to beautify your premium TPE sex doll. Imagine the huge butt sex dolls you buy at uxdoll, wearing a fluffy doll dress, holding a cute cross body bag, a wing tattoo above the arm, black single shoes, and tiny earrings hanging from the ear, does it look unique and beautiful? Obviously, yes.

So be sure to match your doll with different stickers, jewelry, and of course makeup. Whatever you imagine it to look like, you can do it with the makeup tips and guidelines above.

Sex Doll Company uxdoll of the Adult Toy Industry

In the past, sex dolls were completely functional and were designed to be purely adult toys. Now, robotics and AI, IoT and other technologies have made sex dolls more desirable to the users. Many companies including the makers of uxdoll sex dolls are already developing new intelligent life size sex dolls.

uxdoll’s sex doll factory and warehouse located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, is stacked with row after row of sex dolls, young sex dolls, tan skin adult TPE sex doll and A-cup tpe sex doll, which are handmade by skilled mold makers and they look lifelike. The goal is to create as beautiful and realistic sex dolls as possible, said the director.

Among other things, the dolls are customizable in order to meet the needs of customers. In addition to various small details, specifications and skin color can be specified, etc. There are currently more than 10 different sizes and over 200+ faces to choose from. You can even completely customize a huge butt sex doll or huge boobs sex doll.

“The original purpose of sex dolls was basically for sex. That was their purpose, they were very realistic in detail and appearance, and they had beautiful faces. Now, many people consider a sex doll to be a true work of art, a perfect companion, and they can find their spiritual needs in a sex doll”.

Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular and they are set to become even more realistic thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence technology, with a number of companies already bringing programmable dolls to market.